October 15th 2012, GARBAGE in Chile, for the first time.

I just bought my ticket to see Garbage in october, I can’t believe I’m so close to meet my music heroes to whom I grew up listening to. The first English accent I started to pick up was Shirley Manson’s wich later I realised it sounded funny to some  English native speakers. They asked me if I had spent time in Europe or had british/scottish teachers.
Growing up in the 90s gave me so many anthems for periods of my life that I had to go through. You can’t define me if you don’t say I’m a garbage freak.
When they went under this indefinite hiatus I felt like I lost any remote chance to see Garbage live, EVER, considering the fact that they never came to Southamerica before the Bleed Like Me tour. Now I know that I will achieve one of many goals in my life. This will be a dream come true and I’m going to enojoy this wait. It’ll be a fucking good foreplay.

All I can say is THANK YOU.

PS. I love 2012, things have been so awesome this year. 

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